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BarCode-ActiveX allows you to easily and quickly add barcode label printing features to your projects. It is a fast and reliable ActiveX control which requires minimal knowledge and experience to use. The control can generate barcode labels in many standard formats and then render them in the form of a vector-based image format. BarCode-ActiveX also performs as a server-side component.

Publisher description

BarCode-ActiveX is an ActiveX control which adds barcode label printing functionality to your projects. Unlike many of the other solutions like this, BarCode-ActiveX is easy to use and integrates easily with your projects without requiring a great deal of expertise. This ActiveX control requires absolutely no knowledge of programming or barcode technologies. Inserting it into any Microsoft Office document is possible with just a few clicks of the mouse. There is also a database included which lets you define relationships between BarCode-ActiveX and a database. This lets you add individual barcode label printing functionality to each database field as required. BarCode-ActiveX can be easily inserted into a webpage as well, allowing your visitors to have their own client-side barcode label printing functionality. The control performs particularly well in multitasking environments and the smart way in which it is designed helps to ensure exceptional reliability. The internal barcode image is of the vector graphics type so that it scales on low-resolution printers and displays as well without any distortions.

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